The next, IV partner conference was held in the city of Pyatigorsk.
This time the main topic was work in the construction segment. The assortment program included about 800 available designs. Particular attention was paid to the most popular trends - loft, represented by concrete and plain stone, and white marble. Guests were also presented with accent designs - onyx, colored marble, wood and oxides.
The regular assortment has been replenished with new collections in the seventh matrix, some of which are produced with increased technical characteristics and are also intended primarily for project sales.



This year the ABSOLUT GRES team visited the famous international exhibition Cevisama in Valencia,


Cevisama is a prestigious event in the world of ceramics, presenting the latest designs, developments,

innovations, technological advances, fashion trends, industrial construction and much more.

Let's look at some interesting trends in porcelain tile design presented at the exhibition:

1 Large formats.

One of the most noticeable and sought-after trends in modern design. At the exhibition we observed a

growing interest in large formats of porcelain tile.

Slabs up to 3200x1600.


The art of mosaic has been around for thousands of years and continues to inspire designers around the

world. At the exhibition we saw amazing examples of the use of mosaic patterns and compositions.

3 Dark shades and bright colors

Designers are increasingly moving away from traditional light shades in favor of bolder, more saturated

colors, and sometimes even opt for bright and expressive shades to add an edgy character to interiors.


Concrete-textured porcelain tiles are becoming an increasingly popular material in interior design. This

trend continues to strengthen and will probably not lose its relevance in the near future.

At Cevisama we saw many inspiring ideas and innovations that will definitely influence the development

of porcelain tile design and the interior design industry as a whole.


YugBuild 2024

The largest exhibition of finishing and building materials in the south of Russia, YugBuild 2024, has

ended, leaving behind a wave of impressions and new opportunities.

At the ABSOLUT GES™ stand, visitors could get acquainted with the range of porcelain tiles in the form

of wall samples on the stand itself, get acquainted with new products and receive feedback.

Meetings with industry professionals, designers and architects, exchange of experience and knowledge,

as well as the opportunity to draw attention to your products and services - all this makes participation

in such events a step of growth for the business and an interesting experience for development.

Participation in YugBuild 2024 was a successful step for the brand and the key to future achievements

and success in the construction industry of the Krasnodar region.


YugBuild 2024

Dear partners, ABSOLUT GRES™ invites you to YugBuild 2024

YugBuild is an international exhibition of finishing and building materials, engineering equipment and

architectural projects, presenting the latest technologies, innovative solutions and market trends.

Visit our stand to see new products, discuss cooperation opportunities, learn more about our company

and receive an exclusive offer.

Exhibition pavilion No. 2, Location B207

February 28-March 2, 2024

Krasnodar, Exhibition and Concert Hall "Expograd South"

Your free ticket with promo code ABSOLUT.



The grand opening of the TVC PUZZLE and the North Caucasus Forum of Architecture, Construction and

Design took place on January 28 in Pyatigorsk. On the site on the day of the event, everyone could get

acquainted with the full range of ABSOLUT GRES™ at the stand.

We thank the Trade and Exhibition Complex PUZZLE for organizing the event.


cersaie 2023

Well, colleagues? You can officially congratulate everyone on the opening of the next season. From 25

to 29 September, an important event in the world of ceramic tiles and porcelain tiles, Cersaie 2023, took

place in Bologna.

It is Cersaie that determines the main trends of the coming years. This time it's a minimum of

experiments. Multi-format textures of stone and marble, which are becoming more and more detailed.

Complex volumetric textures come to the fore, revealing equally well as in slabs and in the usual

1200x600 format.

Monochrome concrete and sand beige are still relevant. But relief coatings, which until recently were

the main vector, have given way to classic matte and polished coatings.

But it's better to see it once. The ABSOLUT GRES team has prepared a photo report with new products

and trends for 2024 and the most interesting, in our opinion, pavilions.



On September 29, a partner conference was held in Minsk, Republic of Belarus. The event took place at

the ceramic tile salon CENTER OF CERAMICS, where everyone could get acquainted with the full range of


We thank our partners IMEX for organizing the event.


Opening of a logistics hub in Novorossiysk
At the beginning of September, a new logistics hub began operating in Novorossiysk. The warehouse area has been significantly increased, which allows for the storage of more than 4,000,000 m2 of products, and five loading and unloading zones make it possible to simultaneously ship up to 8,000 m2. Average throughput up to 50,000 m2 per shift.
The creation of a shipping platform of such a large scale is an important event not only for the company, but also for the porcelain stoneware market in Russia in general, which takes work to a new level, ensuring prompt delivery to our partners throughout Russia.



On September 27, a partnership conference was held in St. Petersburg. We thank our LINKER partners

for organizing the event.



On September 19, a design meeting for professionals was held in Kazan. Viktor Karzhitsky, technical

director of ABSOLUT GRES, acted as an expert speaker at the event. Victor shared his experience of

working with porcelain tiles and spoke about the products manufactured by the company.

We thank designers, architects, visitors, experts and partners for being part of the ABSOLUT GRES design meeting!


May 31 is the last day of the ABSOLUT GRES design meeting series in the city of Naberezhnye Chelny.

Speaker and technical director of ABSOLUT GRES Viktor Karzhitsky showed examples of the use of

porcelain tile in various interiors and spoke about the technical characteristics.

Victor also shared tips on choosing porcelain tiles and how to create a beautiful and practical interior

design using this material.

We hope that in the future such meetings will become regular and will help designers create beautiful

and cozy interiors using porcelain tile.



On May 29, a meeting with designers was held in Kazan. The speaker was the technical director of

ABSOLUT GRES - Victor Karzhitsky. He shared with the participants his experience of working with

porcelain tile and spoke about the products manufactured by the company.

The event took place in a creative and friendly atmosphere, and the meeting itself turned out to be very

educational. Participants shared their experiences, asked questions, and discussed their ideas and

projects with colleagues.



Expanding the boundaries. Following the big presentation, we held an online conference.

100 new items are the largest update to date in the range, which includes 28 new designs based on

marble and onyx, presented in two popular formats, 28 wood designs, including those aimed at designer

projects, and another new product - 8 mm porcelain tiles format 1200x600.

A separate block of the conference was devoted to the presentation of the ULTIMA brand zone.

ULTIMA is going beyond the usual understanding of the brand zone towards creating a professional

community around the ABSOLUT GRES brand. The ULTIMA audience gathers around itself a community

of professionals from the field of architectural environment design, interior design and other highly

specialized specialists. These people are united by extensive experience and love for quality

workmanship. They are focused on the global market and want to stay up to date. ULTIMA is a space for

the implementation of their ideas.

We also answered questions from viewers live.

For those who missed the broadcast, a recording of the broadcast is available here.


MosBuild 2023

MosBuild is the 28th largest international exhibition of construction and finishing materials in Russia and

Eastern Europe. 800 manufacturing companies and suppliers from 20 countries presented their products

as part of MosBuild 2023, which traditionally took place in the last week of March at Crocus Expo IEC.

New products, established and still emerging trends in the world of porcelain tile and tiles on 16

thousand square meters brought together leading market professionals. This year, porcelain tile

dominated among the presented collections. We haven’t seen any revolutionary new products - the

undisputed leaders in the battle of formats are still 1200x600 and 600x600, and 800x800 and, of course,

slabs up to 3.2 m are gradually occupying their niche.

Among the designs presented, oxides and stone textures in a neutral gray palette are gaining popularity,

and wood is becoming warmer - muted gray-beige textures are being replaced by a rich honey palette.

The leaders of the exhibition are still marble and onyx, and, as a separate type, white marble, which

becomes even whiter - a clean bleached base of textures catches the eye from the first step, indicating

the main trend of 23/24. These are the brief results of the largest construction exhibition in Russia,

which will very soon come from the pavilions of the expo center to your showcases. Follow the

announcements, a lot of new things await us!



On March 20, the fourth annual INVESTCERAMIC conference was held, dedicated to the presentation of new products and expansion of the ABSOLUT GRES product range. This time the guests were received in their home region.

The collections of tiles and porcelain tiles presented at the conference were developed taking into

account the latest trends and market needs. All guests were able to get acquainted with new products,

ask questions and receive useful advice from company experts.

Particular attention was paid to the presentation of the ULTIMA brand zone. A full exhibition, expanded

space, training and certification of sales staff and co-working space for designers are just the basic

benefits. First of all, this is a deep image component. A community of designers, architects and other

professionals throughout the entire cycle from architectural design to implementation is being formed

around the ULTIMA flagships. From day one, the main focus of ABSOLUT GRES has been a turnkey

solution. The ULTIMA brand zone takes it beyond the VR image, offering a full range of accompanying


The second part of the program traditionally consisted of answering questions from guests. The

discussion turned out to be quite lively - leading representatives of the ceramic tile market discussed the

expansion of the ABSOLUT GRES trademark, as well as the vector of development of the industry as a



cersaie 2022

CERSAIE 2022 is the 39th international exhibition of ceramic tiles, accessories and equipment for


From September 26 to 30, the city of Bologna hosted a major specialized exhibition CERSAIE 2022 More than 84 leading manufacturers and suppliers of porcelain tile and ceramic tiles took part in the event. During the conference, it was possible to find new partners, get acquainted with innovative materials, and also identify the main industry trends. Thus, fashion trends include an increase in the formats of ceramic tiles and a decrease in the number of joining seams, against the background of which solid porcelain tile slabs will be especially popular this season. Floral and tropical motifs still do not lose their relevance, and fans of calm trends in design were presented with a large number of products in neutral colors with marble patterns. And we remind you that the ABSOLUT GRES palette has recently been replenished with its new products and 60 new samples have already gather admiring glances from customers in stores.



On September 13, the final of a series of presentations by INVESTCERAMIC took place in Samara.

The focus of attention of visitors and partners was once again the amazing mosaic, the first

demonstration stands of which will go to the best retail outlets in October.

We would like to remind our readers that the range of special products includes not only mosaics, but

also steps, risers, skirting boards, the increasingly popular glued steps, as well as the new 300x600 tile

format, presented in all ABSOLUT GRES collections without exception.

Summing up, I would like to say that our series of conferences in Russian cities was more than

successful. Events have already been planned in the northwestern and southern Federal Districts, but

that’s not all. For those who were unable to attend the presentation, a decision was made to hold

another online conference. However, guests of recent events will also be interested - in addition to the

issues covered at the conferences, we will present a new additional format of the exhibition, talk in

more detail about the economics of the brand zone, and be the first to highlight and discuss upcoming

product range updates.

See you soon! Follow our news!



On September 9, the next in a series of INVESTCERAMIC events took place in Voronezh.

In tandem with PROFITAIL, the ABSOLUT GRES collections, already loved by our partners and fans, were

presented. As expected, the new mosaic stand, as well as the trendy collections for the 2022 season,

received the most attention from the audience. Some of the presentation participants managed to

receive fresh samples of porcelain tiles and willingly shared their positive reviews with those present.

Summing up, I would like to say that we have something to be proud of. However, it is too early to relax

- there are still many discoveries ahead of new cities, as well as people and us who are yet to become

acquainted with the results of our team’s work.



On September 6, INVESTCERAMIC, together with its key partner in the Moscow region, Kontakt-M LLC,

held the second in a series of conferences.

This time the meeting took place in the capital of our Motherland, the city on seven hills - Moscow.

Already in front of a new audience, we again spoke in detail about the principles of forming assortment

matrices, the architecture and economics of the brand zone, and the rules of working with porcelain tile.

During breaks between blocks of the program, guests were introduced to the brand's assortment. The

main character of the event was the new mosaic stand, as well as the WOOD SERIES collection from

ABSOLUT GRES in 1200x200 format.

Guests noted the excellent quality of workmanship and tastefully selected tile textures, which not only

complement the cold pattern of the stone, but can also become a full-fledged

an independent basis for a modern interior. Of course, the new STANDART and DESIGN groups did not

go unnoticed, which not only expand the choice, but also provide the opportunity to work with

additional areas due to improved technical characteristics and more daring designs.

A new peak has been conquered. And this means that many more great discoveries inevitably await us




The start has been given! On August 21, together with the key distributor Upton-Invest, we held the first

of a series of on-site events dedicated to the presentation of ABSOLUT GRES.

The presentation took place in the very heart of the Volga region - Nizhny Novgorod. The first to greet

the guests was the founder and director of Upton-Invest, Alexander Borisov.

Director of INVESTKERAMIC Sergei Kasyanov spoke about the porcelain tile market, as well as the

positioning and development plans of ABSOLUT GRES, after which he gave the floor to the heads of

divisions. We discussed the architecture of the assortment matrix in detail with the head of the

marketing department, Grigory Glazkov. Pricing positioning and commercial policy were presented by

Development Director Artem Logutyonok. We talked about the technical properties and rules of working

with porcelain tile with technical director Viktor Karzhitsky.

The assortment of ABSOLUT GRES can be found on the website. The extensive exhibition presented the

entire model range, including 48 fresh collections, as well as a new mosaic stand.

Borders and distances did not become an obstacle for visitors to the presentation. We were visited by

the heads of the largest retail chains and stores not only in Nizhny Novgorod, but also in the entire

Nizhny Novgorod region and surrounding regions. We will also not pay attention to borders - new cities,

new partners and projects await our team.

See you on September 6 in the capital!


Tired of brightness and want to immerse yourself in neutral loft or are you looking for something new, non-trivial? Another major update.

Classic: 12 collections of background porcelain tiles in the 600x600 format and 24 in the 1200x600

format classic marbled prints. New products in this direction are somewhat bolder than they were in

past years, but still quite universal. The range of dark minerals has expanded significantly.

LOFT: 12 collections in the 600x600 format are presented with several prints of concrete, minerals in

gray and natural colors and, of course, the queen of interiors - white Carrara marble with four different

directions and intensity of veining. All samples of the LOFT line have a matte finish.

DESIGN: 12 collections, as usual, are accompanied by examples of ready-made solutions, which allows

you to create a project for a future premises without the involvement of professional intermediaries.

However, if you still entrusted your dreams of a new home to a designer, he will be pleased.

Each tile from the DESIGN collection is a work of art. Thanks to modern printing technologies, the

unique natural pattern of minerals is transferred into porcelain tiles with amazingly detailed accuracy.

With the help of the DESIGN collection, you can create not only the basis for the interior, but also place

accents in the room.



During the conference, we presented updates to the assortment program for 2022, new merchandising

formats, including premium stands for flagship retail outlets, and also talked about the development of

the ABSOLUT GRES brand.

First of all, this is a transition from product concepts to collaborations and comprehensive offers. This is

perhaps one of the most radical trends in retail, which, of course, has affected our industry. We have

presented two tools, one of which is an additional catalog of recommendations for combining with


The second is a set of ready-made solutions. For each collection, one or two standard solutions have

been created, thanks to which the buyer can see not just layout options, but a layout that is as close as

possible to the real look, with layouts and combinations of porcelain tiles from various collections. The

ready-made solutions library is regularly updated.

Kislovodskoe highway, 28, Pyatigorsk city,
Stavropol region, Russia
Kislovodskoe highway, 28,
Pyatigorsk city,
Stavropol region, Russia